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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It is so nice to wake up in the morning and hear Aleahna Yell out "It snowed, IT snowed! Isn't is wonderful" Daemien replying " Yes it is" So we got our winter gear on and headed outside. It was fun making snow angels and visiting the river.

My Birthday

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trails are they really for our good

Have you ever felt like you were in the line of JOB. I feel that way quite a bit and wonder how financial matters are suppose to be for my good? Really, How does it make me a better person? I asked myself over and over again this past weekend. Why did our car cost close to Ten thousand to repair. Why did we have to pay 1175.00 to fix it. Why does insurance cost so much? Why did my van break? and Why does 1 part, cost over 1000.00? Why did my Stove go POOF? Why is it not working? Money certainly doesn't grow on trees? Why does my cousin have to suffer through a foot amputation tomorrow? and Why does the hardware in my wrist bother me so much that I must have it removed? Why does my husband have to work so hard and we just seem to keep getting buried in debt? Blessed I am for I have a place to live and I do have wonderful Parents and Inlaws. Blessed that I have great children and grandchildren. Those are the things that matter most in this world. Blessed that I have a temple that I can visit only 30 minutes away from my home. Blessed that I have a Savior who loves me and knows me. But back to the Why? What lessons am I going to learn from this. To tell the truth, I really don't want to learn yet another lesson. I just want to have no trials in my life and everything happy. Just enough money to get buy on and maybe save a little for a rainy day. Maybe some for a vacation. They say Money is the root to all evil. With that it mind, money can bring peace and no worries too. Why do some have money and never struggle in life? Why do others have to struggle? So back to my title Are trials really for our good?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Book of Mormon and Lowell advances in the Priesthood.

We were challenged to do Read the Book of Mormon and to do the young women virtue value. I decided I was up to the task. I read 5 to 10 chapters a night. It was an amazing experience. I am so glad that I did it and accomplished my goal. I have feel that my testimony in the book of mormon has grown along with the love for my Savior. The Blessings that I have seen and to me are the MOST important. Lowell Honoring his priesthood and being Ordained a Priest today. What a wonderful experience it was. Seeing him recieve the Priesthood with so many rightous men and young men standing in a circle to give him the blessing. Travis even showed up and that made me proud that he would take time out of his day to be there for his brother. Daemien and Aleahna were also there to witness the blessing and I know it is good for them to see. I asked Lowell how did he feel and he said it was special to him. I reminded him of when he last recieved the pristhood. We were in Florida and we decided to clean out our van. We stopped at a carwash and cleaned and vaccumed out the car. When we went to start it. It was dead. We asked a person if they could give us a jump and they said sure. When they hooked up the cars the cable caught on fire. Still a dead car. Jack went ask someone else. While he was gone I said to both boys. You have the Priesthood why don't you say a prayer that the car will start. We all prayed and then They said OK mom start the car. It started right up. I wanted Lowell to remember that day and to remember to have faith and to call on the Lord when needed. I am a very Happy Mom and Happy with his Rightous Desires. We are waiting for Lowell to get his Patriarchle blessing next. Aleahna and Daemien also have seen me read the book of Mormon and every night want me to read scriptures with them. How sweet is that. Spititually life is good and I am enjoying that very much. I know the savior is there for us during these challenging times right now. I feel his love daily and feel protected. I guess we really need to count of blessings. I am Thankful to have the Priesthood in my home and more Happy that I have a rightous Priesthood holder in my home who is honoring his Priesthood.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aleahna's 3rd Birthday

Aleahna is a sweet little angel who loves to sing, dance, fly on airplane, loves to read books, color, play bubbles, go canoeing, play outdoors, ride bikes, watch dora, bubble guppies, max and ruby, she loves beauty and the beast music, and primary songs like follow the prophet. Her eyes light up and twinkle when she is happy. She talks all the time. She loves her cousins case, camden, carissa, and cody. They were a must for her birthday party. The purple outfit with the hat is one of her crazy dress up outfits. She loves to play dress up. She like to eat chocolate, strawberrys, and chicken nuggets. She is almost potty trained. Don't know why it is taking so long. She wants to go to school so we told her she need to be potty trained to go. She loves getting babysat by the belknaps. She learned from brooke that Justin Beiber is Cute. She is a amazing young little girl. I am very blessed to have her in my life. Happy Birthday Sweet Granddaughter!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well I had this great Job working as a temporary employee at U of M. I Loved my Job and worked with some of the nicest people ever. What more could a girl ask for. Then I got the flu was up all night. I called into work sick. Went to go down the stairs and fell Head first. Landed on my neck and shoulder. I thought I broke my neck. My wrist was also in great pain. I was so lucky to get to ride in the ambulance. Let's Just say I never want to do that again. There are 4 sets of railroad tracks on the way to the hospital. I felt every bump. Got to the hospital they did X=rays and I Shattered my wrist. Two weeks later I had surgery on my wrist. Now I am trying to regain strength and Range of Motion. I can't make a fist or turn my hand up with palms to the ceiling. I get to do PT/OT. I don't like it. It is very painful but I need to do this to regain use of my wrist. I am thankful I did not break my neck. It would have been harder to recover from. So, I am Thankful to My Family, Friend, and Most of all my Church who have helped me so much. Dinners, babysitting, helping me to dress, open things for me, I feel like a little child at times. Jack has helped me out so much!! I love him so much! We celebrated Daemiens 4th Birthday. Can you believe it! Four...My Friend Lisa just celebrated her 25 wedding Anniversay. I Just am in waiting now.. Waiting to heal...Learning to be Patient...
Allowing others to help me....Having Gratitude....
Oh, I have a cute little story about Daemien. Me: Daemien you are going to have so much fun at sister Day's House. She has lots of toys and It's going to be like Heaven...
Daemien: But I don't want to go to Heaven yet!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daemien A Sunbeam

Today was Dameien's first Day as a Sunbeam In Primary.
I wish I had could find my Camera to take a picture of Him. He was so proud of himself. He made a Crown that Said" I am a Child of God" and a Book. When I picked him up from his class he was so happy and looked so Cute. I am so glad he loves his class and hope this continues. Aleahana also did good in her nursery class without her brother. They are so Cute and I enjoy them both so Much.
I am hoping that 2011 brings forth much change into our lives for the better. It is my goal to teach my family to have gratitute for the blessing in which we have in our lives. To live for today and not waste time on the past or the Future. To often I feel time is wasted on that concept. Tonight we had our Family Home Evening and talked about gratitude, setting goals, and talking more kind to one another. I felt that it was a successful evening and hope we can live by that which we talked about. My Job is Great and I LOVE it! I wish it was Permanent and not temporary. I will be thankful for what I do Have.

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