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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

God Vader

The other night we were watching Star Wars. Daemien came up to me and said "Grandma,
I don't like Darth Vader. I like God Vader! I thought this was Priceless! You can tell he likes going to his nursery class at church and He is learning a lot.
I Just love the cute things that come from his cute little mouth!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Coming 2009 Walled Lake Northern High School

We had Homecoming yesterday and the boys were so funny!
First of all they are not as picky as girls!
We went shopping and they decided they only needed a new shirt and Tie.
Not to expensive! We ordered corsages for the girls and picked them up after our shopping was done. It was a comical afternoon. We raced to get home so they could get ready. We had only 10 minutes before the girls showed up to our house. The girls showed up and the boys were not quite ready so they had to wait a few minutes. Then as life seems to happen. I had to search the house to find my camera. We took pictures down by our river. It was COLD!!!!!!! After Pictures we came back up to the house and the teens jumped into the Truck to go to Dinner and then to the dance. The car wouldn't start! They battery was dead. They boys got the jumper cables Jumped the car. It took a while but it finally started. We told them to take them just in case it wouldn't start. Travis left. Lowell had to wait because his friend was going to pick him up. She showed up dressed in Jeans and a tee shirt! I wanted to take pictures of them. I was disappointed. Her Mom said she would send me a copy. They soon left again. Jack and I started laughing about the Truck. While cooking dinner I said to Jack, "I bet Lowell left his Ticket here. The last time I saw it was in my van" sure enough, I looked in the van and there it was! We started laughing again! We called Lowell and he said he was on his way back to get his ticket. He got his ticket and headed off to the dance. They both had a good time and I am happy for them. After the Dance the teens came to our house for a bonfire. When the girls left they set up the tent with there buddies and slept out side. It makes me cold just thinking about it. I am glad that they are having fun!
I am really blessed that they are so good. They are very sweet and I just love them so much!


Driving home from church this afternoon Daemien started singing.
I looked out the window Popcorn popping off the Apricot Tree.
I am amazed that he could remember this much of the song.
I know it's not perfect but My heart is full. My grandson is learning
in nursery and enjoying his class. He really loves to be with his friends.
We are blessed to have his sweet spirit in our home!

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