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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Book of Mormon and Lowell advances in the Priesthood.

We were challenged to do Read the Book of Mormon and to do the young women virtue value. I decided I was up to the task. I read 5 to 10 chapters a night. It was an amazing experience. I am so glad that I did it and accomplished my goal. I have feel that my testimony in the book of mormon has grown along with the love for my Savior. The Blessings that I have seen and to me are the MOST important. Lowell Honoring his priesthood and being Ordained a Priest today. What a wonderful experience it was. Seeing him recieve the Priesthood with so many rightous men and young men standing in a circle to give him the blessing. Travis even showed up and that made me proud that he would take time out of his day to be there for his brother. Daemien and Aleahna were also there to witness the blessing and I know it is good for them to see. I asked Lowell how did he feel and he said it was special to him. I reminded him of when he last recieved the pristhood. We were in Florida and we decided to clean out our van. We stopped at a carwash and cleaned and vaccumed out the car. When we went to start it. It was dead. We asked a person if they could give us a jump and they said sure. When they hooked up the cars the cable caught on fire. Still a dead car. Jack went ask someone else. While he was gone I said to both boys. You have the Priesthood why don't you say a prayer that the car will start. We all prayed and then They said OK mom start the car. It started right up. I wanted Lowell to remember that day and to remember to have faith and to call on the Lord when needed. I am a very Happy Mom and Happy with his Rightous Desires. We are waiting for Lowell to get his Patriarchle blessing next. Aleahna and Daemien also have seen me read the book of Mormon and every night want me to read scriptures with them. How sweet is that. Spititually life is good and I am enjoying that very much. I know the savior is there for us during these challenging times right now. I feel his love daily and feel protected. I guess we really need to count of blessings. I am Thankful to have the Priesthood in my home and more Happy that I have a rightous Priesthood holder in my home who is honoring his Priesthood.

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